While newsrooms experiment with many technologies, they are more alike than different in the technology they choose to deliver their core functions such as content management, a Press Gazette analysis has found.

Using data from BuiltWith, a business intelligence company that creates technology profiles of websites, Press Gazette analysed the content management technology underpinning leading news sites (based on their traffic)  to get an insight into the solutions selected. We found that more than four in ten news websites use WordPress for at least part of their domain.

Although BuiltWith’s data cannot give us an exhaustive picture of the tech stack used by a newsroom, it can inspect a page’s source code to pick up some of the most popular tech tools used by websites around the world.

“You want the best tools for your business but, secondly, stakeholders — the editorial team, the commercial teams, the management — all need to be confident in the solution that you’re proposing. And, more and more, it’s the modularity and ability to change — not necessarily very quickly, but efficiently,” he says.

“There are some industry standards but where the variation happens is really around how you intend to monetise your audience or if a particular site has a specific USP [unique selling proposition] that needs something that isn’t available in the standards solutions.

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