RISE Indy invited teachers, school officials and parents to an in-person and virtual meeting Saturday to explore how funding flows from state and federal bills into individual schools. The goal, organizers said, was to give parents a better understanding of how the funding works so they’ll be able to make better suggestions to improve the system and schooling for their kids.

“A lot of parents complain about well why are you spending the money this way, why does this look like this, why can’t you have these types of programs,” Ashley Thomas, senior director of community impact and organizing at RISE Indy, said. “It’s important for them to understand what the funding looks like first to know what are they receiving and is that possible with the funds that they’re receiving to make sure that our children are all receiving equity in education across the board.”

For those that couldn’t attend the Saturday session, RISE Indy is planning to hold more of these conversations in the future. They will have a schedule up on their website, which can be found