The New Albany Sustainability Advisory Board, which has been meeting in earnest since November, has come up with three eco-friendly objectives for this year.

First on the list, the nine-member committee soon will come up with specifics on composting stations across the city, where residents may drop off material, said Adrienne Joly, the city’s director of administrative services who facilitates the group but will not vote on recommendations to council.

That will be followed by a commitment to some forms of renewable energy, which have yet to be determined, and development of educational programs on sustainable policies, Joly said.

Board members are Peter Barnes, Steven Conway, Catherine Duffy, Brian Filiatraut, Laura Gallo and Scott Harrold, as well as New Albany High School representative Brigitte Bell and City Council liaison Kasey Kist – both nonvoting members.

New Albany and Plain Township collaborated on a project to collect burned-out holiday lights.

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