Miko recently updated its Miko 3 educational robot, which can move around in the real-world, carry on conversations with kids (and adults), and more.
Designed for kids aged 5+, the Miko 3 robot comes in two colors: red and teal. It measures 8.67 inches tall and has a triangular base with three wheels on the bottom, which allow the robot to move around on flat surfaces. In our experience, we had no trouble with Miko moving around on low-pile carpet.
Miko 3 features a 4.46-inch touch-screen “face” that kids (and adults) can tap to navigate  menus and complete on-screen activities. Kids can also talk to Miko 3 by saying a key phrase (“Hello Miko”), followed by their request.
Finally, the Miko 3 features a camera and speakers. The camera can be used, in part, for video calls between the robot and the Miko 3 Parent App on iOS and Android devices.
Miko 3 allows kids to complete a variety of on-screen and off-screen activities, such as mini-games (like Tic-Tac-Toe and a game that encourages kids to dance in the real-world), take  quizzes (like spelling quizzes), and more. Miko can also teach kids about topics like animals and numbers (as examples). Finally, kids can ask Miko questions, have the robot play music and dance, and more.

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