Microsoft expanded its product lineup with new Surface devices and accessories last week. Among these devices, the Redmond giant also launched a Microsoft Teams tool called Presenter+. Microsoft is now planning to add some new accessibility features to its video calling platform to attract more users. The Microsoft 365 roadmap notes that the company is working on a new feature that will improve support for sign language communication.

The Microsoft Team “Sign Language View and always-on captions in meetings” feature will start rolling out in December and will be available for the general public on platforms like desktop and Mac.

To include sign language in Teams meetings, the feature will help users to prioritise two other participants’ videos. These videos stay visible even while content is shared and set captions to stay on across all meetings. This feature may arrive on mobiles anytime soon due to the limitations of the display size of these devices.

Apart from this, Microsoft Teams is also expected to receive some other features and improvements. The company plans to add emoji reactions to the Teams chat which will include more than 800 emojis.

Microsoft Teams’ desktop client may also reportedly get a new scheduling tool that will prevent users from sending messages outside of working hours. The new feature will allow others to send you messages only during a specific scheduled time.

Zoom also includes a Sign Language Interpretation feature that allows access to additional popup windows and supports up to 20 designated interpreters.

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