France’s Emmanuel Macron is in Kyiv for talks with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, seeking a breakthrough in the East-West deadlock over Ukraine.

The Tuesday meeting comes a day after he met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow for discussions that lasted more than five hours, marking the highest-profile intervention yet by a Western leader.

“The next few days will be decisive and will require intensive discussions which we will pursue together,” Macron told reporters after meeting Putin.

The French president said he had made proposals of “concrete security guarantees” to Putin, who suggested some of the ideas could help ease the crisis.

The first US troops reinforcing NATO allies on the alliance’s eastern flank have arrived in Romania, Defence Minister Vasile Dancu says.

Washington is deploying nearly 3,000 extra soldiers to Poland and Romania to shield Eastern Europe from any potential spillover from the Ukraine crisis.

Dancu told reporters about 100 US troops were now on the ground in Romania, handling logistics. “The Americans have arrived,” he said. “It will not be long before the rest of the troops arrive.”

The US.currently has about 900 soldiers in Romania, a NATO member since 2004 and host to a ballistic missile defense system, some as part of the NATO force and some under separate bilateral arrangements. France recently said it also plans to send troops to Romania.

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