Transparency; rotate board meetings to all schools so parents and citizens have more opportunity to attend, create a website dedicated to parent and citizen concerns.

Curriculum; work with state and federal education along with parents and citizens to ensure that we are implementing curriculum that is basic and appropriate material that is not divisive or promoting any type of sexual education.

Test scores; investigate why there are numerous tests. I heard teachers complain that they spend a lot of their time teaching children how to take tests instead of learning material.

Nutrition; I receive a lot of comments from parents and staff of the school lunches not only being non nutritional but down right disgusting.

Property taxes in Jefferson County provide more than 80% of public education. I believe we should be providing the best education and opportunities to our children with the highest property tax rate in the state.

I have raised two children in public schools and my daughter is in her 17th year teaching in jCS. I worked for JCS in Human Resources for 10 years; I substituted as a teacher and bus operator for Berkeley County Schools so I have experience in many facets of public education. I am retired and have ample time to devote to serving on the board of education.

encourage and welcome all views as everyone brings a different perspective to an issue that I may not have considered or am not fully educated on. If there is an issue that is so controversial or difficult, then we will perhaps need to invite professional involvement or the community to help determine the best solution for the public education family.