The new Apple TV 4K is pretty much just like the last one for most people, and that means it’s still the best streaming box you can buy if money is no object—doubly so if you already live in Apple’s ecosystem.
More importantly, a substantial price cut helps make it more appealing. That cut’s still not big enough to make it the best deal in town, though.
When it was first introduced in 2017, the Apple TV 4K was positioned as a rethinking of how we approach TV. As I wrote then, it fell far short of those ambitions as Apple ran up against the entrenched and disparate interests of the various players in the television business. Nonetheless, the Apple TV 4K has a killer interface, outstanding picture quality, a strong stack of features, and impeccable app support.
Since we’ve discussed prior models at length before, this review will focus mostly on what’s new this time around—and that starts with new prices and configuration options.

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