Tifton, GA (WFXL)~Peanut farmers from across South Georgia joined in Tifton for the ‘Georgia Peanut Commission’ research report day.

Georgia is the number one producer of peanuts in the United States and provides nearly half of the U.S. peanut product each year. Due to this, farmers say its important to continue finding new ways to benefit the industry.

“We think peanuts are one of the things that make our environment so prosperous so thriving with our small towns. The peanut itself is so sustainable that it actually adds value to our land,” said Donald Chase, Research Committee chair for Georgia Peanut Commission.

The event hosted by the University of Georgia Tifton campus allowed farmers and industry representatives to hear the latest reports on peanut research projects from 2021.

“There’s a lot of unique ways or new research going on how we can improve the yield and the quality of the peanuts. That is why this report day is so important,” said Simer Virk, Assistant Professor and Extension Precision Ag Specialist, University of Georgia

After more than 8 hours of research presentations farmers gained useful information. Virk saying the information brings the whole farming community together.

“This helps us collaborate between the researchers but also knowing how each aspect of that research is helping our peanut growers in the state,” said Virk.

Virk presented his research to farmers focusing on new precision Ag technologies. His goal is to maximize farmers use of space to create a better yield and quality of the peanuts.

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