The first option was building a new Pre-K through 12 campus in Beverly, this would require a bond issue. The second option consisted of either renovating Beverly-Center Elementary to include all Pre-K through fifth grade students in the district, or renovating Fort Frye Middle/High School to include all students in the district. The third option would consist of converting the Lowell Elementary site to house both Lowell and Salem-Liberty students. The fourth option would keep the school configuration as is.

At the January board meeting, members discussed the second option of the facility plan, in regards to renovating Beverly-Center Elementary to turn it into a Pre K through fifth grade building for all elementary students, and how to make it possible. Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Starcher said the board discussed doing the project in phases in order to make it cheaper. The projected price for the project is $17 million. She said the board also discussed payment options and if it would make sense to take a loan out for the project.

“They (the board) haven’t decided on that plan, but they talked about the options for it,” Starcher said, after the meeting.

The board is hoping to receive more community feedback about the facility plans, in order to narrow the choices down, said Starcher.

No decisions have been made at this time, and the facility plan will be discussed during the next board meeting, said Starcher.

The board revisited the idea of putting out a community survey about the facility plan to get more engagement, but decided not to have a survey due to the restrictions with election law, said Starcher.

Starcher said the board of elections indicated that it would like to use the Salem-Liberty Elementary School gym as a polling site in 2023, no decisions have been finalized by the board of elections at this time.

“If they’re interested we’re going to work with them to do that,” said Starcher.

The board was presented with options for the school calendar, but made no decisions, it will be discussed more at a later date, said Starcher.

Nichol Honaker, curriculum director, gave a presentation on fourth and fifth grade Social Studies curriculum. No decision was made, the board will discuss the possbile curriculum change at a later date, said Starcher.