The Columbiana County Board of Elections has approved a pay increase for administrative staff. The raise brings their pay closer to statewide averages, but still below what other comparably sized counties pay their workers.

The board met Tuesday and President David Johnson said he and Deputy Director Brice Miner had recently conducted a very extensive review of wages and salaries comparing Columbiana County with other like-sized counties in Ohio.

“We’ve done a review of county wages for clerical and administrative positions and we’ve come up with what we think are structural changes that needed to be made to bring our staff up to the level of not only what county employees are being paid but more importantly where other like-sized positions in other like-sized counties, to what their pay is,” Johnson said. The details of the raise broken down by Johnson include:

Director and deputy director: wage increased by 5 percent

Most junior-level employee: started at $13 an hour, raising it to $15 an hour, below standard average of $16.04.

Mid-level clerks at 10-15 years of experience: was at $16.28 an hour, median average is $18.65 an hour, raised to $18.26

Upper-level clerk: raising $2.50 an hour to $18.78

Most senior employee: raised $2.50 an hour to $20.82 an hour, median is $21.16 an hour

Johnson said the change puts the county closer to paying on par with what other counties pay administrative positions, although still lagging behind. He said the additional wages for the staff will amount to $18,720 a year.

“With the reduction in precincts that we just adopted here in this county going from 87 precincts down to 73, we will have a $20,000 savings per year,” Johnson said. “So we are saving more money than what this is costing us and yet we’re asking our staff to do more, frankly, in terms of administering these precincts than what they were doing before.”

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