The Indian EdTech industry is believed to have received a $16.1B in VC funding, a 32X increase from 500M received in 2010. The growth spurt in this industry is driven largely by K-12 Segment, higher education, and upskilling categories.

Coupled with the growing popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and distant education India’s EdTech industry is poised to reach $30 billion in the next 10 years.

he Education industry in India has witnessed maximum disruption during the pandemic. Education today is no longer restricted to just traditional classrooms. The restrictions imposed by the Government and the rigid safety protocols have paved the way to new-age pedagogies.

A fruitful outcome of these disruptions, however, has been the openness of all stakeholders- the government, private and public schools, tutors, coaching institutes, students, and teachers- in adopting the digital mode of learning, leading to the EdTech boom we are seeing today.

EdTech has the power to bridge the learning gap given technology’s ability to obliterate geographical barriers. As much as educators understand that digital adoption is the need of the hour, they also want to retain a few unparalleled benefits of a traditional classroom setup such as peer discussion, one-on-one support from educators and creating opportunities to work on group collaborative assignments.

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