Dave Bolton was 33 when he was rushed to hospital after having a 15 minute nocturnal seizure only to later discover he had a brain tumour. Thinking back to that night, Dave recalls going to bed ready for his daughter’s birthday the next day and waking up unaware of what had happened.

Dave told the ECHO: “I just remember wolfing down a bowl of cereal because I hadn’t eaten properly, knowing I had to get up in the morning and going to bed – and then coming around at about quarter to midnight with paramedics in my room.

“I’d stopped breathing and it transpired I’d had a 15 minute nocturnal seizure but when I came around I was just groggy so I tried to to kick them out of the house.

“The paramedics were really good, they said ‘Dave what do you do for a living?’ And I said ‘I’m in the police.’ They said ‘well where do you work?’ And I said ‘I don’t know.’ ‘What’s your date of birth?’ ‘I don’t know’ – and suddenly I realised.”

Dave, 41, told the ECHO: “I went away with a hard decision to make and slipped into one of the darkest places I’ve ever been to. I spent about a week, two weeks, just lying on the couch.

“I accepted that I was going to die and I just lay there and waited for it to happen. I just didn’t care anymore.”

Dave, who is a former world kickboxing champion, said it was his wife Samantha who helped him to get out of that dark place in July 2015 and he decided to tackle his brain tumour like a fight.

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