WASHINGTON, May 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CenterPoint Education Solutions, a nonprofit provider of assessment solutions, curriculum services, and professional learning designed to help schools and districts build aligned education systems, today announced that their Illustrative Math (IM) certified and EL Education aligned interim assessments will be available for the 2022-2023 school year on Kiddom, the first all-in-one education platform for high-quality digital curriculum. The partnership will provide educators and students with instant access to high-quality assessments aligned to the curriculum already being used in their classrooms.

“CenterPoint welcomes this opportunity to expand student and teacher access to our one-of-a-kind assessments,” said LJ Sylvester, Vice President of Growth at CenterPoint. “Aligned assessments allow educators to gauge both student understandings and misunderstandings — paramount information to guide instructional planning. Kiddom supports aligned instructional models by connecting curriculum, instruction, and assessment onto one platform, which fits nicely with CenterPoint’s larger mission of building aligned education systems.”

Interim assessments are administered throughout a school year and are key to supporting learning. They empower educators to measure student learning, identify where students are on their path to grade level expectations and provide data to drive instructional strategy. With Kiddom now hosting CenterPoint’s IM certified and EL Education interim assessments, students and educators are provided with expanded access to high-quality curriculum-aligned assessments that align with Kiddom’s digitized curriculum. Via Kiddom’s platform, CenterPoint’s assessments will make use of the existing assessment functionality in Kiddom, including technology-enhanced question types to heighten student engagement and real-time standards-aligned data reporting for teachers to inform instructional strategy. Additional benefits include:

“Kiddom is a champion of high-quality instructional materials and aims to provide the best solution in the market for districts to adopt and continuously implement high-quality core curriculum. By partnering with CenterPoint to offer their interim assessments in the Kiddom platform, we are tying curriculum-aligned assessments to the curriculum adoption process to more effectively improve student outcomes,” said Abbas Manjee, co-founder and Chief Academic Officer at Kiddom. “We are thrilled to expand the ways that Kiddom can be used in the classroom and delighted to partner with CenterPoint.”

Both Illustrative Math and EL Education curricula are green rated by EdReports and have shown consistent results for student achievement. CenterPoint was the first organization to develop interim assessments aligned to these curricula to support the important work of teaching and learning at the ground level.

The following grades and content areas are licensed for use on Kiddom’s platform:

For information about CenterPoint Education Solutions, contact Senior Marketing Manager Sarah Bidwell at sbidwell@cpeducation.org or visit www.centerpointeducation.org. For information pertaining to Kiddom, contact Head of Marketing Jennifer Levanduski at jennifer@kiddom.co or visit www.kiddom.co.

About CenterPoint Education Solutions

CenterPoint Education Solutions works with schools, education systems, and like-minded organizations to provide a suite of reliable assessments, high-quality content and curriculum development services, and expert professional learning solutions to catalyze teacher practice, deepen student learning, fuel meaningful policy, and promote equity. www.centerpointeducation.org.

About Kiddom

Kiddom is the first all-in-one education platform for high-quality digital curriculum. It integrates curriculum management, instruction, assessment, and communication tools into one solution, saving schools valuable time, resources and money. With the flexibility to access and edit curriculum from any location, Kiddom is the only education platform that can effectively support teachers and learners engaging in in-class, blended, hybrid or distance learning scenarios, as well as in the quick pivots between them. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in New York City, Kiddom is a team of passionate educators, designers, and developers building technology to enable all teachers and learners to unlock their full potential. To learn more, visit https://www.kiddom.co.

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