Digital isn’t the only transformation going on these days — there is also a profound career transformation reshaping the roles and aspirations of the people building the digital world. This is creating some confusion in the technology career space, as tech professionals are being told they need to pay more attention to developing business skills over their deep technological knowledge.

bring to executive-level discussions and decision-making. For those who are passionate technologists, who want to remain in the trenches, it’s important to find companies and cultures that have made technical leadership a priority.”

To solve issues through technology, “it’s not going to be about a new fix or functionality,” says Saker. “Tomorrow’s leaders will need to have a dual focus that balances technical expertise with immersion in the mission.”

Welcome to the era of the renaissance technology professional, who needs to be equipped with two tiers of skills, providing an ability to look at problems from both technical and people perspectives. The 2020s business demands that, experts across the business technology landscape agree.

“My background is in software development, and for much of my career the challenge was figuring out how to make the 1s and 0s work,” says Saker. “Today, with technologies like cloud and other digital capabilities, development teams look quite different and there’s an increasingly empowered user base. User experience and design has become even more important than in the past.”

To advance in the 2020s, “it’s important for IT professionals to stay true to who we are as creative problem solvers,” says Vaidyanathan. “We are used to learning new things, trying new things, and failing at new things. We’re also very familiar with collaborating and iterating to be always improving and always making a better solution.”