You sign much paperwork before you get scanned. You must be careful what you say in public about your former employer.  So, my words will be well crafted and above reproach. More or less.  Following the closing of Finance of America Mortgage’s retail doors, I thought it might be insightful to share some things that may have caused this outcome. 
To be clear, I loved working at Finance of America.  It was awesome.  People, the culture, and the proprietary product lines were a marketer’s dream (more about this in a bit).  The opportunity to take something raw and see if we could blow it out of the water was super appealing.
That experience at FoA is why I get to do what I do today at Art Vs. Math: we look for companies that want to do something special in the market.  Scale, disrupt, create impact, and make a difference in people’s lives.  
Most of these items I identify will be highly general, and I hope that it helps other lender executives ask questions about their current state of existence in the market and how they can avoid the worst possible outcome.
I am also writing this as a marketing and strategy executive consultant. I have no insights into the complexities of all the inside baseball and financials that likely contributed to FoA’s exit from forward mortgages.

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